Bass clef - but of course!
The Chemical Tuba Society

Laws - approximate english version



  1. The society's english name is The University of Iceland's Chemical Department's Tubists' Society, usually abbreviated to The Chemical Tuba Society.
    The society's official home is in Reykjavík, Iceland.

  2. The society's goal is to build and enlarge general interest in chemistry and tuba playing, preferably simultaneously.


    1. Full membership is granted only to tubists that study (have studied) chemistry.
    2. Half membership is granted to those, that fulfill either condition. Half membership does not include the right to vote or sit on the executive commitee.
    3. Tenortubists and contrabasstrombonists may send in applications for an entry if they declare their purpose to better themselves, and provide evidence of an adequate knowledge of chemistry. They will not have the right to vote or sit on the executive commitee.
    4. The society can grant honourary membership, which is the society's greatest honour.

    During a valid meeting a vote must be cast on every new member.

  4. The society's meetings are valid if two or more members show up. A meeting must be announced at least an hour beforehand.

  5. In the society's executive commitee there shall be a chairman, a vicechairman, a cashier, a secretary and one more member. If the members of the executive commitee are fewer than it's offices, the same person can hold more than one office, but not all. The executive commitee's role is to guard the society's properties, organise and maintain it's operations and to strengthen the social and professional relations. The members of the executive commitee shall have free tickets to all the society's activities.

  6. 2/3 of the votes on a valid meeting is needed to change these laws and make new ones.